Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet

Part 1 - The method

This article makes part of a series of 20 articles.  The subject of this series is the creation and promotion of a website as a cost-effective method to establish a profitable home based business on the Internet.
In this article I will present you the steps of my method.
In the following articles each one of these steps is analyzed to the lowest level and illustrated.

The steps of the method

First we have to define the tasks that an Internet Network Marketer has to accomplish in order to become successful.

His first task is to find new people interested in creating a successful home based business.

Then, he has to convert them into members of his personal group of affiliates. And this is the second task.

Next task is to teach them how to become capable Network Marketers like him and help them start producing results.

This is it.

Is it easy? Not at all. Is it fast? No way.


Offline Network Marketers can tell you how difficult it is to find people interested in listening carefully their offer to take advantage of their home based business opportunity and become their co-workers. So, just to find the right people is already a very difficult task. But, there is a “but” here. We do not operate offline. Not mainly. Offline promotion of my business helped me find some of my best co-workers, but the vast majority of my affiliates do come from my online activity. This is Network Marketing on the Internet we are talking about. It is a 90% online activity. Most of Internet users use their computers to visit websites on the Internet, get information, play, communicate, and work. And when they want to find information about an issue, they usually use Search Engines to spot the most relevant websites to the information they are looking for. So, this is the big difference between the offline Network Marketing and the online Network Marketing. In the first case you have to find your customers and co-workers. In the second they are looking for you. What do I mean by that?

Let’s have an example.

Open your Internet browser, type in the address line and press [Enter]. What is Google? The most important Search Engine for the last 5 years. Millions of people use it every day to spot the best websites regarding the issue they are looking for.

In the search box that will appear in front of you type the words “free work at home job”, without the quotes.

Then press [Enter].

A list of websites will appear in front of you with the most relevant and important of them listed first.

Among the websites in the first page you will find  - one of my websites.

Thousands of people search every month on the Internet using the phrase “free work at home job”. Most of them visit my website.

Now, type in the search box of Google the words “computer work at home job”, without the quotes.

Then press [Enter].

A list of websites will appear in front of you again with the most relevant and important of them listed first. See which website is first or among the first three websites: - one of my websites too. Nearly all the researchers for a computer-based work at home job will visit my website.

So, my first task, to find people interesting in creating a work at home business on the Internet is accomplished.





The second task is to convert them into members of my personal group of affiliates.

I have six (6) websites. Some of them attract many visitors, some of them not. All of these visitors are well targeted. There are people in search of work at home business opportunities. Legitimate, computer based, online opportunities. And they come to my websites. I have 20 seconds to attract their attention. You may have noticed that some websites take more time to appear in the window of your Internet browser. Such a website would have been a failure for my business. My home webpage has to be small. So it can be downloaded quickly to the computer of my visitor. Now, I have to attract his attention. Here comes the title, the subtitles, and the first paragraph. I have to present him my offer immediately, clearly, smartly. With elegance. I want to attract him. I want to keep him reading. I want him to continue to the second paragraph and so on. I want to increase his interest in what I am offering to him. I will present him myself and my company. Nothing bogus, no false promises. This is who I am. This is what I am offering to you. An opportunity to make money online. This is my company, our products and our way to work. Do you want to become part of my group?

A few paragraphs, no graphics to distract him from the main idea, not many different options. I want to attract his interest. He must already be asking himself, “What’s in it for me”? Now, I have to show him the money. I have to create the desire in him. I must lay down the compensation plan. Again, no false promises. Finally, I must create his desire to act, to join my company, to become a part of my group of personal co-workers.

Not many words, not long phrases. Bold subtitles. The invitation: “Do you want to learn more? It is free to join”. “ You can take advantage of our excellent Training and Support system”.


Now comes the last task. Convert your co-workers into successful Network Marketers on the Internet.

First of all you must be prepared for the fact that many of your co-workers will decide to quit their home business. This is natural. Not all of them are determined to succeed. Not all of them have patience. Some of them will loose focus. They will be involved to other opportunities also. Soon they will be disappointed. You must be ready to accept this fact and to overcome it. You will invest time and effort in teaching people how to do their work properly and they will leave after a few months or even few days. This is part of our job. Do not let these facts bend your determination to success. I faced many losses of this kind. Initially I thought that it was my mistake and this had a very bad effect on me. But, with time I understood that has to do with people. It is a job, this work at home business. You must do it with discipline. You must setup a daily program and stick to it. Follow it closely. When your business will grow, you will have to add new tasks to your plan and stick to it. Make small steps every day. Small tasks. Promote the website. Support the co-workers. Not many people have the patience to do this constantly, every day. Most of them are capable to bring this job to a successful end, but they do not have the whole picture in front of them. They do not have a person to tell them that they can do it, that they are near, that they must insist a little more and results will start coming. This is the problem. I have been there and I know it.

So, you must follow-up with your co-workers. You must teach them what to do and how to do it properly. You must encourage them, when they have hard times, especially at the beginning. You must reward every good result they bring. You must support their steps. YOU MUST BE THERE FOR THEM.

You must never loose focus and they need to know that. You must know what you are doing and they must know that. You must show them the way to success. You do not have to be already successful. But, you must have a clear, crisp business plan to teach them. And you have it. You will teach them my method. You will show them a proven way to succeed in this work at home business. So, to convert your co-workers to successful Network Marketers, you must duplicate your self. Teach them do what you do. Support them. Reward them. And you will see your leaders arising among the hundreds of your affiliates. They will be people able to read, study and learn. People capable of completing the tasks of their everyday work with patience and persistence. They will keep their focus in their home businesses.

You must distinguish these leaders and offer your help. You may ask yourself: “But, who am I to help them? I do not know nearly anything about this home business and this method of promoting it. How can I teach them and support them?”

Yes, you do not know much, NOW. I also knew very little about Network Marketing a few years ago. But now, here I am, writing articles and ebooks about it. Guides for the new entrepreneurs. Do you think I even imagined being here back in 2000?

But, you may ask:

How can I be sure that I am in grade to implement this method effectively?

Among my co-workers I have people from all parts of this planet and from different levels of education and social statue. All of them have one common characteristic. They read, they learn, they get educated. They are focused on their home businesses. They are persistent and patient. They act, work. They do small steps each day. This is the secret. Make one step at a time - Break your work in to small units of action and act every day. This is the scope of this guide. To show you the tasks to be performed, the steps to be taken, the units of action to be effectuated. If you have a basic knowledge of computers and a basic understanding of Internet’s components (email and website browsing), then it’s up to you. Are you ready to get educated, to work effectively every day, to dedicate you free time in building your way to success? Are you ready to evolve? Are you ready to become a successful Network Marketer on the Internet? Slowly, step by step, action by action? Like it happened with my Group Leaders and me?

Well if your answer is yes, then my answer is also yes. Yes, you are in grade to implement my method effectively and make it to the top.


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About the author:
Tasos Vasilopoulos is a successful Network Marketer on the Internet as Group Leader of SFI Marketing Group. His main method to promote his home business on the Internet is websites properly optimized to obtain a good rank in the listings of the major Search Engines.
Get his ebook with an in depth analysis of all the steps of his method and find more resources on proper domain registration, effective website design and search engines optimization in his website at
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