by Rod Nichols

Today network marketing is an often misunderstood and maligned 50 year-old industry. It is also a very high growth industry and one that is starting to attract professionals in large numbers. That's today, but what will the future look like? Well, I don't have a crystal ball, but based on current trends, technological predictions, and maybe a little of my own fantasy, here is my vision of the future of network marketing.

You drive into your driveway in your new Nexxus, which you purchased through the Virtual Shopping Network, a network marketing company. Your perimeter security system, the latest technology from Quantum Security turns on the outer and inner lights. Once inside your house, you first check tel-e-mail messages (a combination of e-mail, telephone messages, voice mail, and regular mail), on your MicroSoph internet messaging center (owned by the AnWeigh Corporation - the largest network marketing company in the world). There you find several messages from friends, family members, and of course all of your business messages. As a network marketer in the 21st century, you rely totally on the internet to build your business.

A fantasy view of network marketing? Maybe, but probably not too far off. Based on the growth of computer technology and increases in the use of the internet, by the year 2000 computers will be as common place as VCR's and everyone who has a computer will be "surfin' the net." Because of the natural networking capability of the internet, the match with network marketing is perfect. What better way to build networks then on a network. In the 21st Century the power will no longer go to the rich, the famous, or those with the information, but rather to those who have the largest networks.

I believe that with the power of network marketing combined with the power of the internet (and the information highway), we will purchase nearly everything from network marketing companies. All things will be available in virtual malls for you to view and purchase. Instead of going down to the local grocery store, you will tap into the internet and shop in a virtual store - select a basket, roll it down the aisles (which will look exactly like those in a real world store), select products (you can even look at the labels) and place them in your basket, at the check out counter where the virtual cashier will accept your PIN and automatically deduct the amount from your account at the Virtual Bank of America. Your groceries will be delivered the same day from a local warehouse.

The grocery store will be operated by a network marketing company and you, as a member shopper, will be assigned to another member. That member will receive a bonus on everything you purchase. Whether you are purchasing groceries, clothing, automobiles, or airline tickets, each purchase you make through the internet shopping system, will result in a network marketer getting credit and receiving a bonus. Everything is simple and automatic, with delivery within a day or two and a 100% money back guarantee.

As it is now, network marketers in the future will work from their home office. However, due to advances in video conferencing, virtual reality, and the power/speed of computer systems, they will rarely leave their homes to do business. Instead of weekly meetings in their home or a local hotel, net workers will conduct massive meetings via video conferencing on the internet. Prospective distributors will tap in from all over the world. It's efficient and effective, plus it eliminates traffic and pollution.

Instead of having a job and working network marketing in your spare time, networking will be your full-time occupation. You will build a network in a network marketing holding company that represents hundreds of network marketing companies, which gives you access to many high quality products at wholesale pricing and keeps your network diversified. This protects you from downturns and fluctuations in the different markets. All purchases funnel back into the holding company's massive computer system, which scans for group volumes each day and pays you a daily bonus. This bonus is automatically placed in your electronic bank account.

Just think of the freedom you will have. Your downline distributors all buying different products from themselves and attracting new distributors through electronic marketing on the internet. Each distributor will have his/her own electronic marketing piece with real time video, audio, and text. A true multi-media show, which can be sent directly to prospective distributors through the internet or loaded on a web page or autoresponder for easy access.

Network marketing will become the most efficient way to distribute products or services and will dominate the world of distribution. Since the business can be started with very little upfront investment, has a very low downside risk, can be operated efficiently from the home, and has unlimited residual income potential, network marketing will become the business opportunity of choice throughout the world. There will be two classes of people, those who have large networks and those who don't!

In the movie The Graduate, a young Dustin Hoffman was told that the future was in plastics. I'm here to tell you that the future is in ...

network marketing on the internet


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