If you are anything like I was, you are probably pretty confused about what is required to start your own business. Building a Website, where to find products to sell, how much to charge, marketing and a mountain of other things to consider before getting started.

You ask Yourself, “How will I ever cope with all of this? I don't know the first thing about running a business.” 

At this point, most aspiring entrepreneurs throw in the towel, or turn their attention to other things. It's a real shame that they didn't go one step further in their analysis of what's required to run a successful business, because only a few simple things required to get started. The rest can be learned along the way.

Every successful business person has the following traits in common; Desire, A Willingness to Learn, Tenacity and Boldness. Luck plays no part in the process, and although a big bankroll can have a positive effect, it is no longer a requirement to succeed. In fact, without the first three, a big bankroll could soon disappear in a frantic effort to get established.

The Internet has revolutionized the business world, by making opportunity available to anyone with a home computer and an phone line. A poor person can even get by without these things by going to a public library or community center where computers are provided free of charge. Granted, your time might be limited with these resources, but they are available for your use. It just might take a bit longer to get established.

Let's look at the other elements mentioned in the introduction.

1. Desire

Why does anyone wish to enter the business world in the first place? There are many reasons. Maybe you hate your current job, or want extra money. Some folks enjoy a particular hobby and realize that there is a demand for the skills they have developed. Or, you're like Me and suddenly found yourself unemployed and one paycheck away from living in your car.

Regardless of the reasons, You have to want it bad enough that you are willing to take the plunge. Put your fears aside, and let your desire to better yourself take over.

2. A Willingness to Learn

It is obvious, that most folks don't have the knowledge to step right in and run a business. However, that doesn't mean that you have to go to a university and get a Master's Degree in Business Administration to get started. On the job training is the way to go for most of us. The Internet provides a tremendous resource for anyone to use, and it is free! There are Web Sites where you can find articles on any topic that you want to study. Some good sites for business information include:



These sites provide a tremendous amount of information for the aspiring online entrepreneur. The articles are categorized, so it is easy to find information on the subject you are interested in. The best part is, they are all free to join. There are thousands of other sites available as well. All you have to do is search for them, and then read, read, read!

3. Tenacity

“What if I screw things up?” you ask. Don't worry, you will! Everyone does form time to time. If I'm not throwing a wrench into the works at least once a week, I figure that something is seriously wrong!

Be tenacious! Abe Lincoln ran for the House, ran for the senate, and failed at a few other things before being elected President of the United States. And, Babe Ruth is est known for hitting 714 home runs in the Big Leagues, however, most folks don't know that he also holds the Major League record for striking out! The world is full of success stories involving people who refused to give up just because they failed at some point in their lives. What they all have in common, is a refusal to give up.

Learn from your mistakes, and take action to prevent them from re-occurring.

4. Boldness

Go ahead and take the plunge! Whether you decide to market your hobby, sell a product that you own, or join an affiliate program, nothing will happen until you take that leap of faith and launch your venture.

It was Martin Luther who said, “When you sin, sin boldly, but rejoice more boldly still!” In other words if you are unwilling to take a chance for fear of failure, you have already failed! Get in the game. If you fail, or make an error along the way, learn from your errors, and before you know it, you will achieve great success.

In closing let me just say, that I have come a long way in a very short time. When I started my business on line, I didn't have a clue about how to proceed. What I did have was the Desire, a Willingness to Learn, and I wasn't afraid make mistakes.

My Power Team Leader with SFI, Mufad, identified the tenacious streak in me when I wouldn't stop bugging him for information on how to proceed. I will never forget his generosity and patience in helping me. In fact, that is the final lesson that I wish to impart in this article. Be Generous with your new found knowledge. Only by helping others can you truly become successful.
By Robert Thompson
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